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Your LinkedIn profile is your shop window

Would you buy from it or walk past it? 

Take an objective look at the following on your profile. 

Do they do the job: 

  • Your Headline – if it says Director, CEO, Manager etc, it’s missing a trick. This is your chance to tell people in 220 characters what you can do for them. 
  • Your Banner – is this empty? Get an image in there asap! Event if it’s just a photo! LinkedIn is a vast space where you can showcase what you do, how you help people, the products and services you offer, a short quote, contact details, and special offers – endless possibilities! Use Canva to design your banner but keep reinventing it. 
  • Profile Photo. Does this look like you? Are you holding something (usually a drink)? Is there someone else in the photo? Your profile photo must be a clear headshot of you and you only looking directly at the camera. And unless you are in the drinks trade, ditch the photos of you in the bar! 
  • Profile Video. A relatively new feature, so make sure you use it. You get 30 seconds to share anything with your connections. Preferably something about your business. It must be recorded on your phone via the LinkedIn app. Don’t panic – it doesn’t have to be fancy! Remember, it’s only 30 seconds long. 
  • Voice recording. A feature introduced to aid with the current pronunciation of your name, but unless you have a super long one, that will only take up to 2-3 seconds. What can you say in the other seven or so seconds? Quite a lot. Certainly, your business name and a short strapline. Play around but don’t rush it. 
  • Come back next week to read more on sprucing up your LinkedIn profile.

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