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What do you specialise in?
We offer a wide range of office and administrative support. This can include more specialist services such as bookkeeping, social media management, and HR admin. Traditional office support incudes dairy and inbox management, research, travel bookings. If required we have access to other services such as translation and web design.
What sort of businesses do you support?

Our clients are a range of small to medium size companies. Most are Limited Companies, but we do work with sole traders too. Each of our clients is looking to grow their business without taking on the burden of a permanent member of staff, but some of our clients have worked with us to recruit their first support staff. I guess you could say, we offer a “try before you buy” service which has proved invaluable to some clients.

What hours are you available?

Our team all work as a VA for the flexibility this offers us. Because of this, you may find that we carry out some tasks when it is appropriate for us. However, we try to stay within “standard” office hours where possible. We will try to reply to all emails and communication within the hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. If you need us to be available outside these hours, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Where are you based?
Our team are based throughout the UK (we only work with UK based VA’s and other freelancers). We have never found that location has been an issue for any of our clients. Thanks to the use of Cloud technology and the Internet, we are able to carry out all tasks to a high standard regardless of location.
How do you charge for your work?
We offer a totally flexible, pay as you go approach to the work we do. Time is recorded with an online time recording package, and added up throughout the month. You will receive an invoice, usually on the 1st day of the following month, with your total time listed. A full-time report can be provided if required. If you have a budget you need us to be mindful of, we will discuss this at the start of the contract with you.
How do I get work to you?
We use a variety of task management packages which we can introduce you to if you are interested in using these. These are a great way to allocate work to us, as you can stipulate deadlines etc. Alternatively, if you already have a task management package in place, you can invite us to join yours. Other ways to send us work include Dropbox, One Drive, or good old-fashioned email or phone call. We can fit in with your current way of working, or make some suggestions if you prefer.
What about deadlines for work?

As above, if you use a task management package, you can use this to stipulate a deadline. Alternatively, please indicate this in the email, document etc and we will be mindful of this when planning our workloads. If for any reason we are unable to meet the deadline, we will contact you immediately to discuss this and come to a suitable agreement. We aim to reply to emails and other messages that same day, unless they are received late in the day. If you need to speak with us urgently, we suggest a text or call is the best way, as we may not be logged into your email account or system all the time.

Is there a contract I need to sign?
We do have a Terms and Conditions document that you would be required to sign prior to any work commencing. This protects both sides and you will be given a copy for your records. The document will cover confidentiality, however if you require us to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement then please let us have sight of this.
Is your work covered by a confidentiality agreement?
Yes – please see above. We are all registered with the Information Commissioners Office for GDPR and take confidentiality and protection of your data very seriously. All data is backed up to an off site secure back up on a daily basis.
Is there a minimum term of agreement with you?
In a word, No! As we work on a flexible basis, we offer flexible contracts. We do appreciate any notice you are able to provide, especially if you require a handover period.
What experience do you have with various programmes?
Too much to list here! The team, between them, have around 140 years’ worth of high-level experience so you can imagine the variety of programmes we have worked on. We have worked on most of the commercially known programmes, however if there is a specific programme for your business that we are not aware of we may require a short training session. This will all be discussed through before you sign any contracts.
Who will be carrying out my work?

We match the best associate to you based on your requirements. Following our initial conversation, and a suitable match to one of our team, you will both be introduced. The associate will become your main contact, but you will always be able to contact myself. Every client also has the benefit of a back up VA, who would be able to carry on with your work should your lead VA be away from the business due to sickness or holiday. This is to ensure there is no break in service to you as the client.

How often will I hear from you or my associate?
You will hear from us as little or as often as you require. Some clients this is a monthly check in, or a daily email/task allocation. We will discuss all of this prior to contract, and we will also ask how you prefer us to communicate with you.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept BACS or Faster Payments, and our bank details are listed in our invoice.
Do you have any client testimonials, or case studies I can look at?

Certainly. You can find these on our website, or by visiting Amy’s profile on LinkedIn.

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Amy is an absolute pleasure to work with...

The perfect combination of professional and efficient as well as friendly and down to earth. She has helped boost my efficiency in my business and has gotten to know my firm and my clients, understanding us and even suggesting improvements. I have gradually passed more work to Amy, all of which she has excelled at and done with a smile and positive energy. I’ve no doubt we’ll enjoy a long partnership together and I’m proud to be a client in her growing firm. Every busy business owner needs an Amy!

~Ellie, PR Specialist

As the burden of admin and paperwork was increasing day by day...

...it became impossible to keep on top of. It was obvious we needed help and I met Amy at a networking group and suggested we had a chat. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made as after the conversation we engaged with Amy and her team. What hasn’t Crescent done for us !! They have sorted out rotas, bookkeeping and payroll, Hr issues, social media, implemented Asana, booked appointments and so much more.
Thank you Amy and everyone at Crescent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to everyone!!

~Jason, Healthcare Specialist

Amy and Faye at Cresent are fantastic ....

.. at managing the design and posting of our social media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, ensuring they are relative, timely and creative. I would definitely recommend Faye to improve your brand awareness through social media.

~Mark, Healthcare Specialist

Amy and team, what can I say. Thank you so very much ...

.. for taking the overwhelm out of my workload recently. You not only took a complex piece of admin. off me but you gave me back some time so that I could enjoy my holiday without worrying about this outstanding work. You then not only delivered a high quality piece of work but gave me some helpful pointers of how I could be even more time efficient going forwards and offer my customers an even better service. It is a true joy working with you and the lovely Crescent team, thank you, I would highly recommend Crescent VA's and the wider business support services and specialist skills they provide. Crescent are highly professional, proficient and skilled in all office related matters form book-keeping to systems to payroll and all aspects of administration to a high standard and go way above and beyond expectation. A [pleasure to have you as part of my extended business support team 🙂

~Lisa, Transformation & Leadership Coach

Not many have the opportunity...

...to work with someone as “incredibly efficient” like Amy. I hired Amy to take over the responsibility of the Fabsec’s operations whilst I was resting and recuperating. I was impressed with Amy’s ability to pick up systems and procedures so quickly and effectively, whilst always working with a smile. As a VA, Amy earns my highest recommendation.

~Sharon, Business Manager

The support provided is professional, efficient...

...and delivered with accuracy which are all important features I was looking for in working with an outsourced business support team. Amy went above and beyond delivery a little extra value by developing a resource for me that would support our working together which was a great little extra. I have already introduced Amy to another business owner who has started to work with Amy and her team already. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend the support of Crescent Business Support

~Sarah, HR Specialist

If you are looking to host an event and need extra support, then call Amy Russell ....

From the initial enquiry to the day of the book launch, Amy was in control, had it covered and was anticipating questions before they were asked.  Amy and her team coordinated lists, mailed out invites, followed up on invites and on the day welcomed people to the event.  Organised is an understatement - Amy Russell in your corner can only contribute to your event being a success! Thank you, Amy.

~Sally, Sales Coach & Author

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