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Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: Crescent’s 2023 in Review

Is it that time of year already? Yes, it is, and another year has flown by. But it’s been another great year – seriously. Even with some challenges and curve balls thrown in the mix, I am pleased to end on a high.

The Strength in Change:

The Crescent team has changed in the last 12 months, but we are stronger than ever, and their experience level is just mind-blowing. They know their stuff.

Awards and Accolades:

We’re thrilled to have clinched more awards, including the heartwarming Outstanding VA of the Year title. The experience was humbling and one that will forever be cherished.

Commitment to Causes:

Our commitment to charity remains unwavering, with tree planting for every new client. This year’s Christmas charity, Autism Plus, held a special place as the team chose to support a cause close to our hearts.

Continuous Growth and Learning:

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the increased focus on training in social media, Xero, and money laundering to ensure compliance and stay ahead of the game.

Sharing Knowledge:

This year, I had the honour of speaking at prominent events like the PA Show at Excel London and CHS Leeds at New Dock Hall, Leeds, as well as smaller gatherings, sharing insights and knowledge.

Milestone Celebration:

Crescent turned 5! A modest celebration was held to mark this significant milestone in our eyes.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

The North East VA Conference has an exciting 2024 event planned, promising to surpass the success of 2023.

Personal Highlights:

On a personal note, I have seen my daughter do her GCSE exams, which she passed with flying colours, attend her prom, where she looked gorgeous and start a new chapter in her life at college studying graphic design. Thanks to a couple of contacts and clients, she gained some work experience over the summer, which helped her confidence massively, and I am very grateful to them for the time and support they gave her.

Dream Vacation Realized:

As a family, we finally realized our dream trip to Singapore and Thailand, a momentous event rescheduled due to COVID-19—two weeks filled with ticking off numerous bucket list items.

Gratitude and Excitement:

Thank you to our clients and supporters for being there for the last 12 months and into the next. I’m pleased to say that 2023 has been a top year for Crescent, and we look forward to starting 2024!

We hope you enjoyed joining us on Reflecting on a Remarkable Year: Crescent’s 2023 in Review.

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