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Crescent Business Support – Making events awesome!

We were recently approached to support a book launch. This initially required assistance in confirming postal addresses before addressing and sending our around 150 physical invites.

Leading up to the event, we engaged in regular calls with the client, ensuring everything was on track and offering additional support for the big day. We also contributed ideas to enhance the event’s smooth execution.

As the event approached, we printed a final guest list to check attendance on the day, meeting the client’s need for a follow-up email. We also created a blank list for attendees not on the printed list.

On the day – We assisted in the room setup, ensuring each table had the client’s additional items and the sign-in table was fully stocked. We coordinated with the venue for drinks and cakes and supported other suppliers during setup.

When the guests arrived, we facilitated a swift check-in, providing additional information on the agenda, a business card draw, parking arrangements, and available refreshments. Throughout the event, we actively remained in place to address any questions and actively distributed prizes following the business card draw.

Post-event, we actively collected any unused items for the client’s reuse, ensuring all guests had a great time. We actively assisted the client with final tasks, guaranteeing a smooth wrap-up. The Google Sheet was downloaded, and a copy was sent to the client for seamless follow-up. If you need active support for your event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Here.