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Last year I was featured on The Business Desk Yorkshire “In Profile” section where they asked me lots of really interesting questions.  If you didn’t get a chance to read the full article, here are a few of my favourite answers:

The best thing about my job is supporting growing businesses and seeing them thrive. We usually get to work with a business at one of their most exciting parts, which is the growth. By seeing their business from an outsider’s point of view, we can suggest ways to be more efficient which also saves them money. Seeing that lightbulb moment when we introduce a system that works is great.

A phrase that I use a lot is “Flexibility is Key”. I set up Crescent because I wanted more flexibility in my life. But as the business has grown, I have been able to offer that same flexibility to my team of associates, who can work when they choose and with clients they want to support, doing tasks they enjoy. The flexibility is also offered to our clients, and this has been vital in the recent months. They have been able to change their requirements with us, with no penalties, as their circumstances have changed. I’ve been able to continue to run my business with a clear conscience that I am providing the best level of support to everyone I can.

Two people who have had a massive influence on my career are my dad and my grandad, and even though neither of them are still with us they continue to inspire me to this day. My dad was in the RAF and helped me to learn a lot about my values and beliefs and the importance of process and systems. My grandad signed me up to my 1st admin course when I was 18 so I really do have him to thank for my career!

If you did fancy reading the full article, you can check it out here: