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I am delighted to announce that Crescent recently joined the Good Business Charter.

I joined the GBC because I liked what it stood for.

The Good Business Charter is proud to focus on specific commitments and actions, recognising businesses prioritising transparency.

The GBC is a non-profit organisation supported by the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) and the TUC (Trade Union Congress).

Some businesses exist solely for profit, and While profits are significant, everything that occurs behind the scenes is far more critical.

I have a mix of self-employed and employed team members. I wanted to make sure I was paying them the best rate possible. By paying my team well, I can attract a high-quality group from which my clients can benefit.

Our ability to provide flexibility is a massive part of my business; and by allowing the team to work the best hours for them has proven invaluable.

It simply works for them, our clients, and me.

When our team is less concerned about being late, we get better quality work and output from them. We communicate with the entire team regularly, and their opinions, as well as their uniqueness, are valued.

Each member was chosen by what they could bring to the team. They are, without a doubt, the best in their field, and that is important to me.

In addition, I am proud to pay my taxes; it proves my business is doing well.

We are pleased to deliver all our bills on time and early in some cases. We sometimes chase outstanding invoices to ensure our suppliers are not out of pocket! Unheard of for many businesses!

Being a member of the GBC and all, it stands for, I hope to ensure Crescent IS an excellent business to work with and for.

As a business, we are passionate about ethical business practices and leading by example.

Crescent Business Support prides itself in effectively conveying our values so that others may understand our desire to conduct business with integrity and provide a caring workplace.

As someone committed to offering high standards, I recognise the advantages of being a GBC-accredited organisation.

I fully understand what it means to use their emblem proudly. Hence, clients, customers, associates, and employees know the values that drive our business.

The ten elements of the Good Business Charter serve as a starting point for future advancement and continuous improvement concerning workers, taxes, the environment, clients, and suppliers.

The GBC are bringing considerable expertise from leading figures in the world of commerce.

You can find more about the GBC by visiting here.

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and author, said
“The Good Business Charter is a comprehensive and user-friendly way for organisations to help show they care and for the rest of us to spend our money ethically.”

An organisation’s employees, customers, and suppliers should be aware of a company’s GBC status to raise concerns if the company does not uphold the ten component commitments.

A visual prompt helps promote the GBC, so more people understand what we do and what accreditation means.

And that’s why we’ve joined the Good Business Charter.