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The Kings Coronation – How will you be celebrating?

The Monarch’s Coronation of His Majesty The King and The Queen Consort will occur in Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6, 2023.  

The King and Queen Consort will arrive at Westminster Abbey in The King’s Procession, beginning at Buckingham Palace. 

Their Majesties will be crowned at Westminster Abbey in a service led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

A significant and historic event that marks the start of a new era for the UK. 

Festivities, celebrations and elaborate pageantry will occur, and it is an opportunity for people all over the country to come together and celebrate our royal heritage and tradition. 

On Sunday, March 7, a concert will be held at Winsor Castle and broadcast live by the BBC. Displaying the nation’s rich cultural legacy via dance, theatre, and music. One of the concert’s highlights will be “Lighting up the Country,” featuring projections, lasers, drone shows, and illuminations at famous UK places. 

Have you decided and started planning on how you will take part? in our following blog, we have put together some ideas on how you can mark the occasion. 

1) A red, white and blue-themed picnic 

How about getting a group of your favourite people together for a picnic in the theme of our nation’s colours? You can decorate some cupcakes, make some crown-shaped cookies and sandwiches, use red, white or blue coloured foods and celebrate the occasion with flags and hats.  

2) A Royal Quiz/Games Night 

Whose wedding dress contained over 10,000 pearls?  

Did you know that King Charles has two birthdays?  

Are you knowledgeable in Royal family history?  

Why not host a quiz night with some of your friends with monarch-related questions? You can provide prizes for the person who answers the most questions correctly. 

3) Host a street party 

A great tradition that goes way back. You can host a party with your friends, family and neighbours on your street. Decorate your street with flags and bunting, and have a BBQ with music and activities. 

Make sure that you apply to host a street party through your local council Apply to hold a street party – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) 

4) Volunteer 

Monday, May 8, will be a Bank holiday. To mark the occasion, ‘the big help out’ will happen as requested by the King, where people up and down the country will volunteer their services to help clean up the country. You can offer your service to your local council by offering to pick up and remove litter. You could volunteer at your local shelter, donate to charity or assist your local community. 

5) Host your own come dine with me 

With a twist, of course! You can host a come dine with me night with friends or family, and on the menu, use some of the Royal Family’s favourite dishes. I hear King Charles loves a poached egg!  

Whatever you decide to do, we hope some of the above ideas inspire you and that you have a fantastic time witnessing a historic occasion and celebrating a tradition deeply embedded in UK history. 

You can add your own event to the following map Events – Coronation of His Majesty The King & Her Majesty The Queen Consort or find an event to participate in.