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New VA support.

Starting out as a VA can be daunting. There is no recognised training route like there would be if you were studying to be an accountant etc. So, a lot of new Vas set out on their own, maybe stumbling across a Facebook group that can support them.

They may find another established VA that can give them guidance and training. But this isn’t always possible.

I regularly get approached to support new Vas and have to say no. I don’t have the time, plus, there are amazing trainers out there who can do a better job than me.

Instead, I offer a referral to a couple of places I know will support them.

The first area is the Society of Virtual Assistants.

This is a membership organisation worth every penny, which is trying to regulate standards for Vas in the UK. They are doing incredible work and offer support and guidance for new and established Vas. They also run a survey annually, which contains valuable information about the industry. You can find more information on their website but also search for them on Facebook: https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk/

The second is Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training, or VACT for short. 

This is run by Amanda Johnson, who also runs the UK VA Conference and Awards. Amanda offers various services, including training, mentoring, support and a great Facebook group. Amanda’s website is here: https://vact.co.uk/

And finally, our very own North East VA Conference, held annually in May. It’s an excellent resource for new and established Vas (don’t let the North East bit fool you – we have VA travelling from all over the UK). The conference gives you the opportunity to network and learn, and we base the content on feedback from Vas so it’s relevant and useful. You can book tickets and find out more here: https://www.nevac.co.uk/

I am sorry that I can’t personally support all the wonderful people joining the VA industry, but hopefully, the information shared above will give them the support they need.