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If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen we have been running a weekly list of all the ways we can support you, from A to Z.  We thought we would expand on those areas here as you don’t’ always get a lot of space on social media.  So here goes:

M – marketing support.  We can help you with your mail shots, Mailchimp and any other marketing support you may need.

But we can also offer support with these tasks as well:

  • Money laundering – checking ID or new clients to make sure they meet your requirements,
  • Meeting bookings – don’t spend hours going back and forth finding the best tie for a meeting, we have some great ways to make this process much easier (and faster) for all concerned,
  • Need notes taking a meeting? We can do this (even via Zoom), leaving you free to concentrate on the meeting itself. All notes are typed up and checked before being sent to you to distribute.

N – newsletters don’t have to be consigned to the bin, we can help you create eye catching and readable newsletters, monitor the results and arrange follow ups.

We can also help with networking follow ups. Why attend a networking meeting, if you don’t follow up with the people you met? A simple connection request on LinkedIn, or an email reminding them of who you are and what you offer can work wonders, but who has the time to do that? Let us handle that for you instead.

O – outsource what you don’t like or doing know how to do.  And that’s where we come in. Would you fix a leaking tap? You would probably call a plumber – we are the admin plumbers!

And it goes without saying that we are excellent at organisation! So, if you are not, give us a call.

P – peace of mind – is what you get when you work with us. (and let’s not forget all the other P’s we can assist with:

  • Presentation creation,
  • Process notes,
  • Policy documentation,
  • Projects,
  • Procedure manuals

If you would like more information on how Crescent can support you on the above tasks, get in touch today for a no obligation chat.