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Following on from last weeks blog, where we shared some tips on getting ready to working with us (you can read it here: Help Me Part One blog we can now share the next part of the process.

You need your list you made last time, as we need to look at all the tasks with number 2 next to them. These are the tasks you can do but are happy to pass over.

As with the 3’s, group them together and see if any of them can be groups in similar categories as before.

For any categories of work where we are already supporting you with, lets look at what we can include in our current remit. It may be with some small additions or amendments to how we work; we can take over some of the additional tasks.

For new tasks or categories, we can work through the best way to hand these over so we can start supporting you.

Again, stand back and take some time to hand these over and les us get up to speed.

Then we look at the number 1 tasks.  We don’t want to take these off you but let’s have a look and see if we make any efficiencies for you.  Sometimes, looking at a process with a fresh pair of eyes, spotting areas that have fallen into a rut or not kept up with the latest tech/system updates, can massively improve performance.

By working through these and looking at suggestions, we can hopefully make these tasks less onerous for you (Or not! We only make suggestions, which you can ignore if you prefer, we don’t take offence).

And then, stand back, and wonder what the heck you are going to do with all this extra free time you know have!

So, there you have it, how to decide you are ready to work with a VA and get started.

If you would like support with your to do list, please get in touch with us on [email protected] to discuss.