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A company we worked with was looking to recruit an admin team member, but wasn’t sure what tasks this person would carry out for them, or how many hours the role would be for. They wanted to recruit the right person for the job.

Prior to stating the recruitment process, they engaged us to take over every admin task that they currently carried out. This ranged from stationery ordering, travel and meeting booking, HR support, and basic accounts and credit control.

We provided them with time records detailing how long each task took, so they could determine the number of hours required, as well as looking at the efficiency of each task. Following a review, it was agreed that some tasks sat best with the accounts managers themselves.

Full process notes were written for each task which could be used in the training of any new recruit and from this project they were able to recruit a part time admin member of staff. We assisted with the training and hand over to the new team member to ensure a smooth transition.

Originally, they felt they needed a full-time member of staff. The outcome of our review was that a part time member of staff was more suitable, thereby saving them costs on a full-time salary.

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