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A client approached us for help with their clinic management.  They were using a variety of spreadsheets to manage their bookings, with assistance from an email and calendar package.  Clients were missing appointments as they were not receiving reminders, or even the initial booking confirmation, and they were concerned about the accuracy and security of the client data.

We researched a number of options for them and presented a specific practice management software.  We showed them how the system could work for them using a demo version that we had created.  From this we were able to highlight the benefits of the system, from a client point of view, and the end user.  It was also fully compliant with GDPR for the storage of data.

We assisted with the setting up of this system, as well as migrating the current data into it.  Training was then provided to the users, and we have been on hand for any queries since the system has gone live.

If you are a practice manager or health professional needing to manage your patient data and appointments more effectively then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you. Just email Amy for more information.