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Each month we share a case study where we have helped one of our clients. This enables you to see the kind of support we have offered and whether this is relevant to you.

A business was using an online accounts package for their team expenses. Each team member was adding in individual purchases with no way of highlighting which needed paying to whom. The director responsible for paying expenses was having to look at each individual receipt to work out what was owed and then make multiple payments throughout the month. This was taking up a large amount of time, as well as leading to errors of duplicate payments but also expenses being missed.

They were already using Receipt Bank, but for company bills only. We added in the individual team members as users, recording training videos on how to set up expenses reports for each of them. An agreed a time frame for monthly payments was set in place, rather than ad-hoc and rolled this out to the team. We provided support while this process was implemented and were able to answer queries raised by the team.

Now each team member submits a monthly expenses report on a set day each month. They now know when they will be getting paid for their expenses but also, they have the opportunity to check all expenses have been claimed for. The director receives a report once a month with the total amount of expense payments needed and one set of payments is made per month.

This has saved the business over 20 hours per month since implementing.

Tim said “having a streamlined process in place for our expenses has helped us become more efficient both with time and finances.  Know that the process is robust, and it is easy to follow has reduced a lot of stress within the business”.

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