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Breathe HR – Software that puts you first!


Breathe HR is a human resources software that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses manage their employees more efficiently. 

A multi-award-winning HR software in 2012 with one goal: to liberate SMEs from time-consuming HR administration so they can focus on their people, establish strong corporate cultures, and push their organisations ahead.  

Providing simple and cost-effective software for managing up to 200 people. They already assist over 11,000 UK Companies in leaving time-consuming duties behind without breaking the bank,

One of the key features is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for HR managers to navigate through the software and access important information quickly. The software also allows for customisation, allowing businesses to tailor their HR processes to their unique needs.  

From personnel data, leave, illness, and HR paperwork to training and performance, costs, recruiting, rota scheduling, and e-learning. 

Breathe HR offers a range of HR management tools. You can: 

  • Create informative HR reports 
  • Log and manages expenses
  • Generate and distribute new job vacancies 
  • Export payroll-ready data 
  • Manage shifts and timesheets with ease
  • Handle all holiday requests in one place 
  • Store documents safely in the cloud 
  • Plan appraisals and recognise achievements 
  • Keep track of sick days and absences 

Overall, Breathe HR is an effective HR software solution that may assist firms in streamlining their HR procedures, saving time, and reducing administrative responsibilities.

The programme is simple to use, customisable and offers a variety of functions to assist businesses in more successfully managing their personnel. 

Breathe HR is worth considering if you want to streamline your HR operations and increase communication inside your organisation. 

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