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Are you making the most of your LinkedIn profile?  

In this blog, we will delve deeper into your LinkedIn profile with some advice on making this work harder for you. 

LinkedIn profile

About us.

You get LOTS of space here, so fill it!  Ensure you use relevant keywords throughout the text that people will use when looking for your services. Make them into a story. Nothing turns people off more than reading a list. 

The hook of this section is the 1st 3 lines. Ideally, it needs to end in the middle of a sentence when it gets to the ‘See more’ link. You want people to click on that link as they are intrigued and what to ‘See more’. 

Add in how you can help your ideal customers. Talk about their pain points and the ways you can solve these. 

Then show how they will benefit from working with you. Don’t be salesy here, nice and gentle ie. Here’s what I’ve done. Here’s how I’ve helped people. 

Don’t be afraid to share some personal information about your in here.  Remember it’s all about building that relationship.  Share your hobbies, what you get up to when not working etc. 

And include your contact details. Make it easy for people to get in touch with you. Don’t force them to have to go and find your number somewhere else. 


This section is still important as people want to know your history.  But it’s not a CV. You don’t need to list every responsibility you had in every job. Keep it relevant. 

Your most recent business needs to be updated and should be linked to a company page if possible.  Again it’s all about validation. 

Skills and endorsements. 

Many people say this section is not worth bothering with. It’s up to you if you use it or not. But if you do, ensure the skills you list are relevant and tie in with your keyword searches. 


These are 100% worth getting!  Ask all your clients and do this for every new client you get. They are so valuable as people will look at these. Think of them like your Trip Advisor Reviews!  But remember to give as well as receive, so when you get good service, or buy a fantastic product – leave a recommendation on LinkedIn. 


This is a new section, but a good one. Add in any awards or memberships and accreditations. It’s all about validation. 

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