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As of November 1st, we will no longer accept clients on non-Xero accounting bookkeeping packages.

Why are we doing this?

Having lots of experience with Xero and being Xero partners, we want to give our clients the best support in this package. We don’t want to be “Dabblers” with fingers in many pies.

We would rather become experts in one package; Xero is the one we have chosen for our bookkeeping

How can Xero help you?

Xero simplifies business accounting and is ideal for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Our bookkeeping team are Xero certified, and we work with our account manager to keep our knowledge and skills up to date. It enables us to share tips with you to improve your bookkeeping.

How can Xero help you? If you are VAT registered, you will already need to be using software to submit your quarterly VAT returns. But did you know that sole traders will also need to start using software to submit their tax information throughout the year?

Xero is set up and ready for this rollout.

It also helps you track your numbers better, which is crucial for any size business. You can see exactly how your business is performing at the push of a button.

We can assist all clients in transitioning to Xero; it is a simple process, and we can offer discounts when switching to a package that is appropriate for you. The discounts available vary throughout the year, but you will always receive at least one deal, often two!

We may even be able to offer you some fancy Xero swag if you sign up!

(Don’t worry if you are a current client on a different package, you will still receive all the support we can give you, but if you do fancy switching to Xero …..)

Contact us to find out more https://crescentva.co.uk/contact-us-virtual-assistant-yorkshire/