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If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen we have been running a weekly list of all the ways we can support you, from A to Z.  We thought we would expand on those areas here as you don’t’ always get a lot of space on social media.  So here goes:

A – Well this one is easy, it has to be Admin.  And that covers a whole range of tasks, but pretty much anything you don’t want to do.  Many people think admin is easy and don’t get me wrong, its not rocket science.  But admin does take you away from the other areas of your business that only you can do. So why not outsource it to us?

B – Did you know we offer bookkeeping?  We work alongside your accountant and help you manage the day to day processing of expenses and invoicing. We are not and don’t claim to be tax experts or accountants, which is why we like to work with your current team.  We make sure that your day to day expenses and invoicing are kept up to date, so that when you need to do a VAT return, or year end accounts, you are not trying to find that stationery receipt from 4 weeks ago, that you know is in the car, that actually your other half cleaned out the other day ….  We can help with basic credit control and setting clients up on your Direct Debit system too.

C – Call handling, if you feel like your mobile phone is glued to you and there is no release, have a chat to us about our call handling service. It’s like having a dedicated receptionist in the palm of your hand, except they are not, otherwise you may as well just keep on using your mobile, which you don’t want to do.  It’s well known that people will quickly move onto the next person on Google or their list if they don’t speak to a real person when they call.  So, our friendly team can be that real person and you never have to worry about our potential clients moving down the list to your competitors.

D – Data entry. We love this.  Honestly.  Give us a pile of paper, or a huge spreadsheet and we will crack on.  But any data – even handwritten notes, we can get these into a spreadsheet, your accounts system, your CRM, anywhere you need it to be.  If the data is in your head, talk to us about how we can help get it out and into the right system!

If you would like more information on how Crescent can support you on the above tasks, get in touch today for a no obligation chat.