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This is a question we get asked fairly often to be honest. But yes, we can do pretty much all of the list below in an hour or less (obviously 1 task per hour – I know we are good, but that would just be unrealistic!).

So, if you have any of the following on your to do list, and they never seem to get crossed off, then let’s have a chat and see which ones we can take off your hands for you.  Sometimes an hour is all that’s needed:

Marketing & Social Media:

  • Create and send an email campaign to prospects.
  • Email your clients to tell them about a new product/service.
  • Write newsletter article.
  • Set up a monthly email newsletter.
  • Write a blog entry.
  • Send follow up materials either in the post or via email to new clients (e.g. welcome letters, postcards, terms and conditions etc.)
  • Find the perfect picture for your website.
  • Design a survey for your clients/prospects.
  • Write and schedule automated posts for your social media accounts.
  • Create a LinkedIn company page.
  • Thank all your clients for attending an event with a personalised letter.

Data entry and general admin:

  • Data entry – type all your business cards from a networking event into a prospects database.
  • Convert word documents into PDF documents.
  • Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets.
  • Write a how-to guide.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation.
  • Create a flowchart of services for your business.
  • Find quotes and order your printing from a supplier.
  • Research travel times, availability and cost for a business trip.
  • Research a competitor.
  • Find suitable venues for your event.
  • Design a client enquiry form to use with new prospects.
  • Research products/services such as CRM programmes, email marketing or web builder packages.

Finance and accounts:

  • Chase up outstanding invoices.
  • Send your clients automatic reminders if an invoice becomes overdue.
  • Setup repeating bills in your accounting system for regular payments.

Contact us today to find out what we can do in an hour.