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Is how one student described me at a recent volunteering event I attended at a local primary school. The idea was to raise aspirations on the world of work, and get the students thinking about what they could achieve.

So how did I become a “real-life Siri”?

The children had to ask us various questions to work out what we did for a living, and then had to describe it to the rest of the class, and that’s how one student described me.

I kind of like it!

Some of the questions asked included:
• Do you work from an office
• Do you work on a computer
• Do you help people
• Do you design things
• Do you look after money
• Do you look things up
• Do you write things
• Do you work for yourself
• Do you answer questions

All great questions, and when you think about it, are very similar to Siri (although I’m not sure she works in an office?)

But it got me thinking, how would a child describe your job??