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Over the weekend I saw a few posts from people, saying they didn’t know what day of the week it was anymore, now they were working from home! I get it, when you don’t have a structure it is hard to keep track. So we have put together some handy tips to keep on track (not tips on how to work from home as there are thousands of those flying around already!)

  1. Dress for your day – if you wear a shirt or nice top for work, then continue to do this while working from home. I’m not talking a full on suit etc, but if you wear T-Shirts at the weekend then stick to that. Dressing for the day will help you distinguish which day it is. At the weekend, you can wear your casual clothes, just as you would normally.
  2. Start your working day with a “commute”. Go for a short walk around the block (maintaining physical distance of course), as this will help you get into the head space of work, could this be your daily exercise? Or have a few minutes in the garden/your outside space is a walk isn’t possible.
  3. On Friday – pack your “kit” away. Put your laptop back in its bag, if you don’t have a bag, put a cloth or towel over it so you cant see it (handy if you are having to work on the kitchen/dining table). Close up your working space, just as you would in the office. You should also do this with the kids school work if you are home schooling. Let them enjoy the weekend too!
  4. Keep your “home” jobs for the weekend. Don’t think that as you are home 100% you can fix the leaky tap on a Tuesday – keep these jobs for the weekend. Add them to a to do list for Saturday/Sunday and do all the DIY then.
  5. Plan some “nights in”. So if you usually would go out to the cinema on a weekend, watch a film on Netflix with the lights off and some popcorn/sweets. If you were planning a meal out, buy some nice steak (if you can get any, local butchers seem to be better for this at the moment), set the table, and light some candles and have a “meal in”.
  6. If all else fails, look at your phone! It will always tell you what day of the week it is.

Do you have any other ways of working out what day of the week it is? Feel free to share. And if you have any questions…