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This is usually the opening line in an email we get from people wanting to work with us.  But when we dig more, they are either not ready, or things have gone too far, and they are too busy.

So how can you get yourself ready to work with, and onboard a VA? Our handy list below should make the process smoother.

  • Don’t leave it too late. If you are at the stage where you are meeting yourself coming backwards, then working with anyone new is going to be a struggle.
  • Take a step back from your business. I know this will be tough, but you need to do this for any support you bring in to be effective.
  • Write a list of everything you do. I mean everything, every little task you do in your business. Yes, all the small, medium and big jobs. Do this for a week at least to build up a full picture of what your job involves.

Now comes the fun bit!

Next to each task write the following number, based on how you feel about each task:

  1. Only I can do this task
  2. I can do this, but I really don’t like doing it, or I don’t want to do this.
  3. I am very happy to pass this task over to others

Then start at the end – all the tasks with number 3 next to them are what you need to hand over.  So, group them all together, i.e., social media tasks, bookkeeping tasks, meetings etc. Prioritise what needs to be looked at asap.  These are the tasks you can speak to us about and we can start supporting you with, to free up some time.

Give yourself a break while we get up to speed and have a full hand over.  Plus, you need to be confident enough to leave us to manage these for you, before we move onto the next step.

Come back next week for part two, or if you would like support with your to do list, please get in touch with us on [email protected] to discuss.