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Thank you to Kate Gregory from Onto The Page for our latest guest blog.

If you’re looking for a great way to boost the profile of your business have you thought about entering awards? There are lots of benefits, even if you don’t win:

  • Awards give you a chance to shout about your strengths and achievements – they look great on social media and in marketing materials, bids and proposals
  • Recognising successes in your business and team is a great boost for staff morale
  • Shortlisted candidates usually receive a ‘finalist’ logo to use, and you’ll get to network at the awards ceremony
  • Win or lose, you’ll get invaluable feedback on your business strengths and areas for improvement.

I’ve written plenty of award entries for our clients (and ourselves), so I know how challenging it can be to tell a great story when the word count is tight, as well as the time and effort it takes to collect the best possible evidence to support your entry. And that’s not to mention the time spent searching for the right awards to enter in the first place!

Finding awards to enter

There are hundreds of regional and national awards covering almost every sector, business type and location – a quick internet search will help you find awards in your area or sector.

But make sure you do your research and choose carefully – be selective about where you spend your time and energy. Only consider entering awards run by reputable organisations, that are free or low cost to enter. And stay away from companies who promise a place on the shortlist as long as you’re prepared to pay.

Most Chambers of Commerce or Councils run local business awards and can be a good place to start searching; if your industry has regulating or accrediting bodies, they’re likely to run awards as well.

Writing a winning entry

Once you’ve found an award you’d like to enter, there’s plenty you can do to increase your chances of success. Here are some key things to consider while putting your entry together:

o Are you confident the award is the best fit for your business?

o Do you fully meet the entry criteria; can you answer all the questions?

o Do you have the time and resources to submit a well-written entry by the deadline?

Remember it’s a competition and you’ll need to give it 100%

o What’s your win theme? Brainstorm with your team or even ask your customers to help you

identify what makes you special

o Provide plenty of detail and support your entry with strong evidence – avoid sweeping generic

statements in favour of quantified benefits

o Structure your entry so it’s easy for the judges to find the information they’ve asked for

o If the rules allow, include supporting documents such as images, charts, photographs and

illustrations to help you stand out

o Ask someone to proofread your final draft – spelling, punctuation and grammar are just as

important as the story you’re telling

o Submit your entry in plenty of time – don’t leave it until the last minute to send the email or press

the submit button!

If that’s whetted your appetite for entering awards but you’d need help writing a winning entry yourself, why not get in touch with Onto the Page – we’d love to help you!

To find out more,  Email Kate, call 07391 745169 or connect with Kate  on LinkedIn