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If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen we have been running a weekly list of all the ways we can support you, from A to Z. We thought we would expand on those areas here as you don’t’ always get a lot of space on social media. So here goes:

Q – quick turnaround – need it in a hurry? Never fear. Our turnaround times are quick anyway, but just let us know and we will have back to you asap.

And we can look after your QuickBooks accounts too.

R – research – trawling the internet to find information or making numerous calls is not many peoples idea of fun. So, leave it to us and have that fun you need.

Want advice on remote working? We’ve got you covered. Need us to look into any regulations that you need to follow? Or help you set up a manual to make sure they are being followed? Leave it to use.

S – social media. Let us write your content, research suitable images, and post on your behalf, leaving you free to maintain your client workload and relationships. Prefer to write the content yourself? We can schedule it for you which will free up loads of time.

We can also be your support network – plenty of clients call us for advice, guidance and sometimes just for a chat. It can be lonely being in business. (And let’s not forget we can help set up systems, work with you on your strategy, and upskill your team).

T – trust, all our clients trust us with access to some of their most precious information, be that client date or accounts.

Yes, we also do the standard typing that VAs are known for, be it copy or audio. We also have a team of VA’s so you can access a variety of skills from one place.

And we love a good to do list – let us show you how you can manage these, rather than letting them get on top of you.

If you would like more information on how Crescent can support you on the above tasks, get in touch today for a no obligation chat.