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If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn, you may have seen we have been running a weekly list of all the ways we can support you, from A to Z.  We finally reached the end of the alphabet and I’m not going to lie – some of these letters were a struggle to find but we did!

U – understanding your business.  We make it our business to understand yours so we can support you the best way possible.

V – virtual support. Work with us and you don’t need to buy an extra desk, or pay for additional office space.  We are still part of the team and contactable when you need us, but without the additional costs

W – website updates and management – leave us to keep your website up to date with latest blogs or new information

X – Xero – we are Xero certified and can share tips to get the most out of this fantastic account package.

Y – you – you went into business to have more “you” time, but not actually getting any?  By delegating to use, you can get some of that time back for you.

Z – zzzzz working with us means you can sleep better at night.  And who wouldn’t want more of that?

If you would like more information on how Crescent can support you on the above tasks, get in touch today for a no obligation chat.