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I bet you have read/seen loads of these already haven’t you? Sorry for another one! But it IS that time of year when everyone, me included, reflects on the last 12 months.

I still can’t believe that I am not even 2 years into my business journey, yet I have already achieved so much.

  • My team has grown from me to me and 5 (soon to be 7 hopefully) associate VA’s working with me.
  • I have personally been awarded the Fellowship of the Institute of Administrative Management.
  • I’ve been asked to speak on a panel of VA experts.
  • I have shared my personal story with over 12 networking groups.
  • One of the images on my vision board has become a reality.
  • Out of all the networking events I have been to, I found a couple of groups that work for me and am reaping the rewards of that time investment.
  • Our clients are based on a group of people we WANT to work with, rather than just whoever pays the bills.
  • Being shortlisted as a finalist in the Yorkshire VA of the Year award was a massive highlight.
  • My daughter sees me as a strong role model, one she wants to emulate when she gets older.
  • People I count as friends have increased.
  • I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my life.

If this is what can be done in 18 months, bring on the next 5 years ….

How has your 2019 been?