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People of a certain age may know what I mean in my headline, if you don’t, have a watch here to see what I’m on about: Liza with a Z

But I want to talk about Xero with an X.

The cloud-based accounting package that I talk about a lot.


Well, it’s just dead easy to use. And let’s face it, anything that can make finance easier has got to be worth a second look yeah?

Because not everyone is an accountant or loves figures or wants to spend time making sure their accounts are up to date.

But using Xero does make life easier.


  1. You can teach it things! So it does stuff automatically for you, without you having to do anything other than set it up.  Those interest payments you get – you can set up a rule to automatically process them.  That one off payment you make and can never remember what account to allocate it to – set it up in the contact.
  2. You can have more than 1 account listed. Great if you have a business account, a business savings account, a business credit card, even a director’s loan account.  Making transfers between them all really easy. And it then keeps all your finances in one place.
  3. Your bank statements can feed in automatically – so you don’t miss any transactions and don’t have to download and save your statements each month.
  4. You can set up repeating invoices and bills. Pay for something on Direct Debit? Just set up a repeating bill for the duration and each month, as if by magic, a new bill appears ready to be matched with the payment out. Same for invoices that you need to send out each month
  5. People not paying on time? No issue – just set up an auto invoice reminder (you can have up to 3, each with different wording, getting a little sterner each time).
  6. Take online payments – just link them into your Xero and it will match up the payments for you.
  7. And loads of other stuff that if I carried on typing would turn into a very long blog post indeed!

So if you are intrigued by some of the cool stuff that Xero can do, give us a shout.  We offer set up, training and ongoing management – you choose what you need.

Oh, and we may be able to get you a discount on a new subscription if you want to have a go at this wonderful system yourself.

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