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I share a lot about my business, my team, how we can support you, what we are good at, hints and tips and all that jazz.

I also share a bit about me, my family, that I love park run and Lego and going on holiday.

But here are 5 things I bet you didn’t know about me:

  1. I went to 5 different primary schools – my dad was in the RAF so we moved a lot in my earlier years, I could pack my own bedroom up in a super-fast and very space efficient way by the time I was 8.
  2. My favourite chocolate has to be a Crème Egg – I would eat them all year round if they were available, I bite the top off, then scoop the goo out with my tongue and then eat the remaining chocolate. Watching me eat them is not a pretty sight.
  3. I am scared to walk down a flight of steps or escalators. They scare the living bejesus out of me, even more so if they are open steps.  Don’t get me started on circular staircases, and rope bannisters.  What’s that all about then? Give me a nice firm banister I can grip onto till my fingers go white please.
  4. I have had afternoon tea on the wings of the Battle of Britain Lancaster Bomber. And Geoff Capes came to join us, but the big wigs had a blue fit when they realised just how heavy he was and wouldn’t let him sit on the wings. I was a Brownie Guide at the time so was teeny.
  5. I can’t feel the end of my fore finger on my left hand. I sliced through it (trying to save on the washing up by not using a bread board – big mistake!). I had nerve and tendon repair surgery but it didn’t fully repair so now I have to be careful in certain circumstances, so I don’t lose the finger!

So, there you go, some random stuff about me that you don’t know yesterday, but you do now.  Will it make you super-efficient with your admin now? Sorry I don’t have that superpower, but feel free to ask me about my other superpowers and how me and the team CAN help you out, so you have time to write your own list of random things nobody knew about you.