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Our client needed a robust system of managing around 250 staff, all working different shifts, times and at multiple locations.

They had been using a spreadsheet, which had become unmanageable, as you can imagine.

After finding a suitable platform, we implemented this for the company.  This involved adding all the employees to the system, setting up the parameters for leave etc and adding in the initial rotas.

Training was provided to both the company and the users to ensure ease of use.

We assist the business by adding in new rotas as they are released, making changes to current rotas for the business and users as required, as well as answering questions from users.

The system also enables us to download reports for payroll, showing hourly rates and hours worked, which has sped up the payroll process each month, as well as making the data more accurate.

Staff can be added as they join, or removed when they leave, ensuring the system is up to date.  Changes to staff data such as pay increases, changes in roles and responsibilities and personnel data can also be stored with a secure, cloud system, that is backed up daily,

The client is able to run their business knowing their staff situation at any time, which has reduced stress and time spent on this piece of work by them.

If you are running staff rotas and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.